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Top 3 night spots in Bali

03 April 2019 by Bella

Most of us don’t know there is a place known as Bali, famed as island of the gods. It is one of the most beautiful places on this planet with a varied landscape of rugged coastline, hills and mountains, the sandy beaches and lush terraces of rice, which all add an amazing backdrop to the place. Bali is an island and also a province which is located in Indonesia. It has the largest tourist destination known for developed arts, traditional and modern dances, paintings, leather, music, sculptures, archeological attractions and is famously known for its deep rooted spiritual and unique culture. Due to this, the Indonesian international film festival is always held every year in Bali. All these have largely contributed to Bali entertainment life. The dominant population of Bali is the Indonesian Hindu minority.

 Why choose Bali?

It is among the best destinations because it has something to offer to all classes of people in the society.

 Bali has a combination of friendly and hospitable people, who embrace their culture. It has spectacular beaches where the visitors can surf and dive making the place a number one tourist destination.

 The Bali entertainment life is spectacular. They are famously known for their dance and music which has become a thrilling experience for the visitors leaving them coming for more. This has enhanced the tourist attractions on the island, enticing more visitors to come. Their dances are extremely dramatic and visual, such as the barong dance also known as the lion dance. In this dance, they depict a fight between good and bad and the performers put on lion masks. Some of other well-known dances include the Kecak dance, monkey dance and the Legongkeraton, which are one the most feted Balinese dances.

The best night spots

The Bali nightlife is very fascinating. It gradually begins as soon as the sun sets along the beautiful coast line. Entertainment venues are full of international bands. At the hotels, they suddenly transform into the most dynamic places. The DJ’s take over the place, playing songs that bring people on their feet, dancing to the beats with high tech sound systems.

The best night spots in Bali are spread all over the place. One of the best night spot in Bali is the Ku De Ta Bali, which is located in JalanLaksmana, Seminyak. It is one of the most prominent hotspots in the area and has become a major trendsetter for the Bali nightlife. It has a unique layout with amazing features such as a main restaurant area, bar, lawn bordering the beach and a special secluded place for VIP moments and treatments.

 The WooBar @W retreat, which is an amazing nightspot with world class gigs, offers a lively scene by your suite. It is popularly known for international events and performances. It has a beautiful bar and an amazing pool with delicious rows of cocktails.

Lastly, is the Mosaic Beach Club which extends up to the southern shores of Bali, giving you an amazing scene of nature’s best. It has a poolside bar and lounge, and a private dining restaurant. It has the best cocktails and the nightlife is incredible as the DJ spins beside the bar and lounge.

These are the top three land marks and sights of the Bali nightlife.

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Top 3 night spots in B..

Most of us don’t know there is a place known as Bali, famed as island of the gods. It is one of the most beautiful pla...
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